Tuesday, October 14, 2008

lavender and oyster shells

I made lavendar shortbread cookies this evening, despite weathering a nausea onset by a super of (from my favorite saturday morning bike-riding outing to the farmers market) green tomatoes, which ive been experimenting at frying. . yes i love the south.
listlessness and discouragement with the paints and scraps met its match in my garden today. The dirts near empty now, but looks better than it ever has. I started trimming the tomato plants. and pulling out the stones and glass. this led to a full fledged- me in the earth, dirt in my shorts, up to my elbows. in every nail, digging up, sifting through the earth to find treasure. Things like old marbles, and thicker glass with remnants of words embossed across them, oyster shells and rodent bones. i still haven't found a civil war grave, or the complete- easily-reassembled set of china i think im hoping to find. but its a lovely way to take a break.