Sunday, December 21, 2008

Lost in backroads Georgia.

Before flying outto home and in an attempt to get to dear Charity's wedding an hour above Atlanta, Reba and I drove through the map quested, brown leaved and sun streaked hills of mid-Georgia. Stops for directions became stops for adventures and acquisitions. which included, but are not limited to- the deer antlers we affectionately named Thompson, one and a half sets of sixties salt and pepper shackers, a good luck stone/heat/knot that was a gift from a woman with an Idgy-esque southern drawl selling old things on the side of the road (fingers crossed its not haunted). A stop was also made at the best trading post that side of the Atlantic. a white haired toothless man with thirty something free roaming rabbits and an outhouse, bottles and glass, old boots and years of history pilled up in a half dilapidated barn. A more unfotunate stop was made at a pizza place, with sticky red chairs, as the sun dropped and so did our spirits breifly, with our plastic fourthgrade plate buffet and people who tempted us to write "get of of this town before your no longer young!" on the dollar bills we left.
We made it to an empty church five hours late, dead flower petals at the altar, and a silent couple vaccuming the reception hall. we also crashed an old folks-redsweater fest- christmas party and were offered a purse by a sympathetic looking grandpa. We researched the significance of loved ones birthdays from a large volume on the matter (i am not very accurate, Taylor and Nick not so much either, Lane's was a bit, Reba's since she gets to be some sort of priestess goddess, Roy's eerily so, and cant we see Emily eating a lot of cupcakes?)

Improvised, the night ended up as wonderful as the day had been. With impromptu stops to Athens and Atlanta. impromptu lovely people, conversations, coffee, the tree that owned itself
and the Demosthenian debate society building Casey was kind enough to show us 'round. It was hard not trying to fit an old portrait into my pocket, but stories are free and there were a good deal of good ones to save away.